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Joint PhD programmes

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International PhD cooperation in its ultimate form consists in dual supervision of thesis. UCA offers PhD students who wish to benefit from supervision of two universities a choice between joint supervision, commonly referred to as “cotutelle”, and international co-supervision of thesis. Both programmes encourage mobility among PhD students by developing scientific cooperation between French and foreign research teams.

But how to draw the difference between two programmes and which one to choose?

Cotutelle is a programme of binational university collaboration established by means of bilateral agreement to supervise the research of an individual PhD candidate. A cotutelle student conducts their research in both universities under the responsibility and joint supervision of two tutors. Cotutelle leads to a unique oral defence at either university based on a prior understanding with the presence of members of jury from both institutions and rewards the student with two diplomas (one from UCA and one from a partner university). Each degree certificate bears the title of the degree specific to each institution, mentioning the fact that the PhD was jointly supervised and indicating the name of the partner institution.

The rules and procedures are those applicable to French PhD and PhD in the partner country. Both universities acknowledge the validity of the joint supervision and of the degree obtained (grade of Doctor for the French university and equivalent degree for the foreign university).

A framework agreement or specific agreement between the institutions may be set up to adapt the conditions under which the thesis is prepared.

A cotutelle student must:

  • Be enrolled simultaneously in both university each year;
  • Carry out research in the two countries of the joint supervision according to the terms established by the agreement
  • Carry out their research for at least a full academic year at UCA
  • Support themselves during their stay in France and abroad

International co-supervision of thesis is established between two universities to jointly ensure the supervision of a research work by two directors belonging to two different international universities. The PhD student opting for co-supervision enrolls in one university where they pay tution, or administrative fees, every year and remains under responsibility of their home university supervisor. Co-supervision gives rise to one diploma awarded by their home university.

The preparation of the thesis can be carried out in alternate periods in each of the two partner institutions. This duration is defined by the doctoral student in agreement with his/her two thesis supervisors according to the scientific requirements and the conditions of the thesis preparation.

ATTENTION: Please contact Ms Elia SHARMAZANOVA for futher information